Oral presentations


All Fellows are required to give a talk at the Final Meeting. The deadline for submitting abstracts is  20th July 2016.

Please submit your poster abstracts to: info@itn-address.gr

Presentation time will be  limited to ten (10) minutes. In general, aim for a maximum of 6 to 10 slides (though it all depends on how much time is spent on each slide).

Please REHEARSE!! Your presentation will be stopped when time has expired.

There will be two talk sessions, fellows of aDDRess and CodeAge will present their work one-by-one in a series of short talks (no more than 10 minutes). Each speaker will present his/her project, and will be  followed by the next one.




aDDRess is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme, Grant Agreement no.: 316390