Alessandro Morea
Alessandro Morea/ IFOM (D. Branzei group) /
ESR1: “Uncovering functional regulations of the SMC5/6 complex implicated in human disease”
Sarah Collins
Sarah Collins/ CNRS (G. Legube group) /
ESR2: “Epigenetic information recovery after DSB repair”
Enrico Pobega
Enrico Pobega/ Paris7 (S. Polo group) /
ESR3: “Heterochromatin maintenance in response to DNA damage”
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez/ LMU (A. Ladurner group) /
ESR4: “Molecular role of mitochondrial ADP-ribosylation in DNA damage and replication”
Lance Shiu-Yeung Lam
Lance Shiu-Yeung Lam/ NKI (J. Jacobs group) /
ESR5: “Mechanisms underlying ubiquitin-mediated DNA damage responses to telomere deprotection”
Ann Mirsanaye
Ann Mirsanaye/ UCPH (N. Mailand group) /
ESR6: “Regulation of DNA-protein crosslink repair in human cells”
George Papadogkonas
George Papadogkonas/ FORTH (C. Spilianakis group) /
ESR7: “DNA damage-driven chromatin changes and immunometabolism”
Nguyen Thu Trang
Nguyen Thu Trang/ EPFL (J. Lingner group) /
ESR8: “Targeting telomeres in cancer cells”
Luuk Harbers
Luuk Harbers/ KI (N. Crosetto group) /
ESR9: “Targeting Genome Fragility in Cancer”
Sakis Siametis
Sakis Siametis/ FORTH (G. Garinis group) /
ESR10: “NER and RNA splicing in development and disease”
Joo Barata
Joo Barata/ UKK (B. Schumacher group) /
ESR11: “NER-associated metabolic changes in age-related diseases”
Atis Jekabsons
Atis Jekabsons/ ICRC (L. Krejčí group) /
ESR12: “The role of RAD51 filament in genome stability and cancer”
Marta Oliva Santiago
Marta Oliva Santiago/ LXRepair /
ESR13: “Systematic analysis and screening of inhibitors for DNA Repair pathways”
Thomas Bersez
Thomas Bersez/ Genevia /
ESR14: “Bioinformatics analysis for high-throughput data modalities”
Congying Zheng
Congying Zheng/ Norgenotech /
ESR15: “DNA damage and repair as diagnostic tools”