High-quality multidisciplinary workshops will be organized concurrently with the Annual Network meetings and will focus on cutting-edge technologies and research topics relevant to the Network’s research focus. The PIs of the network, including the non-academic Participants will act as the organizers and will also lecture in these workshops. Local experts at the sites where the workshops will be held and external experts as invited lecturers who are leaders in their fields will be invited to participate. Moreover, the associate partner organisations will participate in these workshops. Workshops will be open to young trainees from outside the network and will be advertised through aDDRess website and through posters. The number will be limited to 15-20 external attendees per workshop, with priority given to students. The appropriate ECTS grades will be allocated to each participating ESR from aDDRess. A calendar of meetings, workshops and transferable skills courses is shown in Table 1.2b and the Gantt chart. Details are provided below:

Workshop 1: “2020 Cologne Spring Meeting - 3rd Cologne Aging Conference”

Location: Cologne

Date: March 18-20, 2020

Organisers: Björn Schumacher, Andrew Collins, Niels Mailand

Benefit to the ESRs and other trainees: This workshop exposes PhD students and postdocs to talks covering DDR mechanisms in the context of chromatin.


Workshop 2: DNA repair and DDR: cellular metabolism & diseases

Provisional Location: Milan

Provisional Organizers: Dana Branzei, Genevia

Benefit to the ESRs and other trainees: This workshop aims to familiarize young researchers on genetic model organisms with a particular emphasis on the role of DNA repair mechanisms in metabolism and disease.

Workshop 3: DNA Replication and Transcription upon DNA damage

Provisional Location: Munich

Provisional Organisers: Andreas Ladurner, LXRepair

Benefit to the ESRs and other trainees: This workshop aims to expose the trainees to the theoretical and practical intricacies of DNA replication and transcription upon exposure of cells to genotoxic stress.

Workshop 4: “Biomarker discovery in DNA repair-associated pathologies”

Provisional Location: Oslo

Provisional Organisers: Norgenotech, LXRepair, Genevia

Benefit to the ESRs and other trainees: This workshop will familiarize the trainees to the biomarker discovery field for DDR-related pathologies. Three SME speakers will cover topics on the valorisation of results i.e. LXRepair, Genevia and Norgenotech.