About the program

aDDRess ETN focuses on a series of relatively short-term research aims that are achievable within the time course of the Action. The research aims are centered to 15 ESRs and are structured into three functionally-linked thematic areas :

  1. DNA Repair mechanisms & chromatin architecture (WP4).
  2. Genome maintenance in development and disease (WP5).
  3. Novel approaches to study DNA repair-deficient disorders (WP6)

Interconnections between research themes: The first research thematic area (WP4) focuses on dissecting the functional relevance of DNA repair mechanisms in 3D chromatin architecture, the associated factors and the epigenetics of the DNA damage response. This research line is closely linked through established and newly formed collaborations with the second thematic area (WP5) aimed at delineating the causal contribution of irreparable DNA lesions to developmental abnormalities and pathological features seen in patients and accompanied animal models with inborn DNA repair defects. The third thematic area (WP6) is fully integrated with thematic areas I and II and will provide the Action with functional DNA repair assays, high-throughput screening platforms and novel bioinformatics working pipelines aimed at translating the new knowledge towards the development of rationalized intervention strategies for human diseases e.g. devise nutritional and chemical approaches for therapeutic intervention.